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Last update 16-6-15 This site is no longer being maintained and information may be out of date.

Wandsworth clinicians requiring the latest information and referral forms should search using their on-screen DSX toolbar or use the Wandsworth CCG intranet resource

Patients and public can access Wandsworth CCGs diabetes resources on their website


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This freelance site links to officlal resources held by Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group together with links to DUK, St Georges Hospital, NHS England and similar sites and provides an easy to access guide to local diabetes care.

Links will be updated and checked at regular intervals but also check the secure WCCG site, which will always have the most up to date versions.

I hope to make it useful, easy to access and enjoyable to read

 Neil Bamford

Local GP and Wandsworth CCG Diabetes Clinical Lead. Oct 2014

Contact me: diabetes@thewig.eu


Diabetes News


Recent Updates to the site

Wandsworth living with diabetes day is 30-6-15. QMH

Wandsworth Diabetes Champions publicity and recruitment is on local media at present. If you want to be a Wandsworth Diabetes Champion contact Janice O’Brien 020 8812 6732. 

Here's the webcast of the program. Actually good with mood music as well

Wonderful Innovations post - here

Diabetes Champions Intro sessions set for 27th March. Contact Jan (details above)

18-3-15 The South West London Consensus on the diagnosis of Diabetes



24-10-14 First pages created and links being set up

18-12-14 Have the go ahead to continue. WandsworthCCG IT team will help resolve inter and intra net blocks

21-1-15 Eventually set up meeting with IT for next week

2-2-15 Succesful meeting. This site should start migrating into the CCG site shortly

11-2-15 New eye screening FAQs

18-3-15 Consensus diabetes diagnosis guidelines

15-6-15 Final update and notice of site closure. Frequently used resources moved to DSX

26-10-15 Routine maintenance